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Name of Project: Fatum Head Office Aruba

Owner: Fatum/De Nederlanden van 1845

Location: Nassaustraat 103, Oranjestad, Aruba

Covered area: 900 m²

Date of Completion: December 1981

Extent of Services: Architectural design, general and detailed design of architectural and structural works.


Description of Project: In 1965 AOB realized a one-storey building for Fatum in Aruba. In the following years the available space soon became inadequate, and various departments had to be housed elsewhere. So our office was given the commission to extend the existing office by designing a three-storey building next door, and, at the same time, to adapt the existing facilities in line with the new design. The prominent location of the building complex on a cross road shares the pronounced but appropriate architectural design to its full advantage.



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