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Name of Project: Fort Nassau Vessel Traffic Service Center

Owner:  Curaçao Ports Authority

Location: Fort Nassau, Willemstad, Curaçao

Covered area:  170 m²

Date of Completion:  December 1992


Description of Project: With the intensified ship movements in our harbour, and also the steady increment of the gross tonnage of these vessels, not least through the container cargoes and cruise ships, Curaçao Ports Authority decided that the Fort Nassau Vessel Traffic Service Center was due for a complete modernization.  So the wooden upper structure of the existing communication building was completely removed and a new up-to-date center was erected, incorporating among others a complete all-round un-obstructive view through slanted windows.  The latest ship navigations- and communication apparatus were installed, reaching 300 nautical miles and beyond.  With this renovation a 350 year old history in our harbour of communicating between sea and shore with flags and light signals came (sadly) to an end.


Extent of Services: Architectural, structural and detailed design, working drawings, tender and contract documents, project management and daily site supervision.  Also the coordination of the temporary relocation and housing of the ship navigation- and communicaion apparatus to the head office of Curaçao Ports Authority, and in such a way, that the communications were never interrupted.

Historical Background: http://iseeyou.com/monuments/fr-nassau.html


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