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Description of Project:  

The owner, a non-profit organization, has taken upon herself to clean, to dredge and to rejuvenate the Waaigat, and to such an extent, that this water body will become an inviting nautical and aquatic area, where all sorts of water sports can be practiced, enlightened with inviting supporting structures on its shores.
The first of these buildings to be executed will be a restaurant, completely surrounded by water, and equipped with landing-stages for visiting boats.
This water theme will be further expressed by the well thought design and chosen building materials, such as sturdy wooden piles as roof bearers, weathered shingles for the roof- and wall cladding, and copper portholes as windows in a ship.
Fishing nets and other seafarer paraphernalia will crown the interior architectural conviviality.
This restaurant will serve as an instigator for other developments on the shores of the Waaigat, such as shopping- and commercial buildings, a naval hotel complex, and marina apartments with private berths.
The masterplan shows how the Waaigat area will become an unique and unparalleled nautical center in the Caribbean basin, and thus will surely further enhance Curaçao as an inviting tourist designation.


Name of Project: Restaurant at the Waaigat

Owner: Stichting Fundashon Desaroyo Waaigat

Location: Waaigat, Willemstad, Curaçao

Covered area: 546 m² 

Date of Completion: Under construction; tentative date of completion: December 2008


Extent of Services: Architectural, structural and detailed design, working drawings and interior lay-out, project management and daily site supervision.

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