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Name of Project: Royal Palm Resort

Owner: Caribbean Apartel Services

Location: Zakito Lagoon, Parasasa, Curaçao

Area: 23955 m²  (6 ha of land)

Date of Completion: Mid nineties (phase 1)

Description of Project: Luxurious apartments, playful swimming pools, an exquisite shopping gallery and  truly tropical landscaping have rendered Royal Palm Resort into a very unique residence. Privacy has been realized by locating the individual buildings with their large covered terraces in such a way that visual disturbance is at all times avoided. Although all premises are fully airconditioned,  the constant tropical breeze delivers through well planned cross ventilation sufficient cooling, so most residents enjoy their premises in the truly tropical way with open doors. All apartments have covered parking facilities further enhancing the undisturbed views through the lush gardens.             

The Royal Palm Resort is the first project outside Holland to receive a certificate of the International Guaranty and Warranty Fund (IGW) which protects buyers against all kinds of risks during the building period.

As all real estate agents will spontaneously confirm, Royal Palm Resort is still the first and only really tropical resort on Curaçao.

Extent of Services: Architectural, structural and detailed design, working drawings, tender and contract documents, project management and daily site supervision. Also the landscape design was part of AOB's commission as well as the procurement of the plant material and the furnishing for the apartments.


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