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Description of Project: This telecommunication center is not only the most modern in the Netherlands Antilles, but also the most anticipating in the Caribbean basin. The telecommunication apparatus is the latest state of the art engineering. Since it is a prerogative that the 30.00 m diameter antenna dish receives complete un-obstructive reception, the only location left in the mountainous St. Maarten was to position the station in the middle of the Pondfill, which site was construction wise also the most difficult, since solid ground lies there at 30.00 m below grade. Consequently concrete foundation piles of 30.00 m length had to be used. Since the inauguration of this building, St. Maarten has twice been hit by a hurricane, resulting in extensive damage on the island. AOB is proud to note that the only detriment to this telecommunication station occurred to its landscaping.
Name of Project: TELEM Telecommunication Station St. Maarten

Owner: Landsradio Telekommunikatiedienst N.A./TEL-EM

Location: Pondfill, Philipsburg, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

Covered area: 750 m² 

Date of Completion: March 1996 

Extent of Services: Architectural, construction and detailed design, working drawings and tender documents,  project management and daily site supervision.

Associated firms: Nepostel, The Hague, Netherlands and Alcatel/Telspace, Paris, France.



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