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Name of Project: N.C. Wathey Building also known as Emma Building

Owner: N.C. Wathey Associates

Location: Pondfill, Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Covered area: 3150 m²

Date of Completion: September 1973

Description of Project: N.C. Wathey associates consists of a holding of several firms and companies, which developed so fast in the early seventies that it was decided to group the offices in one headquarter. Besides these offices, which are housed on the first floor, there is also a travel agency, a supermarket, a hardware store and warehouses on the ground floor. The building is based on a stiff bedplate, where the ground pressure may not exceed 0,1 kgf/cm². With the successful  realization of this project an editorial article appeared in a Dutch technical magazine, Polytechnisch Tijdschrift, in August 1973.

Extent of Services: Architectural design, general and detailed design of architectural and structural works.


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