ArchiteaaaArchitecture Planning Consulting

Government  Buildings


    Renovation and      Fort Nassau Vessel    Curaçao Ports Authority          Renovation of     

     Extension of        Traffic Service Center                                            Curaçao's Tourism 

   Court of Justice                                                                                          Office




Renovation Hoogstr.18      Domeinbeheer         States building              Police Station                     

                                                                                                          St. Maarten  




   Rif Swimmingpool       Head Office Post N.V.



Hospitality Services




Little Bay Beach Hotel   Arthur Frommer Hotel Tamarijn Beach Hotel   Pincess Beach Hotel     

      St. Maarten                    Curaçao                         Aruba                       Curaçao         



      Alhambra Casino      Renovation Curacao       Royal Palm Resort            

              Aruba                  Concorde Hotel                   Curaçao




Office Buildings



    IBM Head Office           Banco di Caribe           Citco Building             Sjiem Fat Lawyers        

          Curaçao                    Curaçao                     Curaçao                          Aruba                 




    AOB Architects         Fatum St. Maarten            Fatum Aruba                Renovation            

        Curaçao                                                                                      "Villa Belvedère"                




   Telecommunication      Telecommunication

          Curaçao                  St. Maarten




Shopping malls




     Boulevard Center           N.C. Wathey Building

           Aruba                         St. Maarten







       Antem/Elga N.V.       Curoil Gasoline Station at Muizenberg    Curaçao Equipment Co.




          Free Zone Hato building D             Free Zone Hato building F-1



Civil Technical Works



Concrete jetty Valentijn IV    Structure Pietermaai  


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